About Us

Hamstead Diamond’s Community Football Club are based at Hamstead Pavilion, Hamstead Hill, Birmingham B20 1BX

We are now currently looking for children of all age groups from U7’s to Under 18’s so that we can start building teams and add to our current teams on Under 16’s and Under 17’s.

As well as further support from volunteering which will help us to develop as a club and continue to provide a high standard that our club sets out to be.

Saturday Development Training

We are currently looking to restart our Saturday Development Training soon. Once we have all the procedures in place and the go ahead from the council to use the Hamstead Pavilion we will update the Training Updates.


The main aim of the club is to reach its main objectives of increased participation, community involvement and Quality Coaching using football as a tool to support young people to reach their full potential. Being part of a team helps them to understand and value the role they play within it as well as the roles of their fellow team-mates. It also helps to encourage and develop many other social skills including listening, communication, trust and co-operation. This is supported by a dedicated team of volunteer managers/coaches who offer their time and expertise for free.

Hamstead Diamond’s Community Football Club prides itself in being providing sport to all members of the community it serves. To facilitate in our aspiration of providing ‘quality’ football opportunities, where all teams are equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out their work, we are inviting you to share in our commitment of supporting children / young people in enjoying football

If you would be interested in sponsorship to support us in our aim to provide high quality football coaching, please email: contact@hamsteaddiamonds.com